Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The best thing you could ever do to your garage floor to make it more durable and tough is to apply an epoxy coating. Unlike traditional floor paints that simply dry on the surfaces that you apply them to, epoxies undergo chemical reactions. The result is a tightly-bonded thick coating on your floor.

The installation of epoxy on your garage floor not only makes it appealing but also resistant to stains, abrasions, chipping, and impact. You can drop a heavy tool or drag your lawnmower in and out of your garage without worrying about scratching or scraping the surface.

Why Epoxy Garage Flooring is Popular

Today, many homeowners, as well as business establishment owners, are opting to apply epoxy coating for their garage floors. This is because it has many benefits over traditional coatings that you may apply to your concrete surface. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Epoxy coating results in a shiny and high gloss finish that can increase an area?s brightness by up to 200%
  • It is quick and easy to install an epoxy coating
  • It promises a hard wearing and durable flooring system that is able to withstand heavy traffic
  • Epoxy coating is resistant to oil stains and water beads
  • The coating is easy to clean. It only requires a simple spot cleaning for the maintenance of a seamless surface
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • When you combine the epoxy coating with paints and colors, it can cover chips and cracks on your concrete floor
  • Epoxy coating results in a heat, fire, and slip resistant concrete surface
  • Epoxy garage floor coating makes your concrete surface resistant to chemicals. Therefore, it?s ideal for manufacturing plants and warehouses
  • The coating makes your concrete surface to have long-lasting properties by preventing quick wear and tear. If you install it properly, it can last for decades
  • The resulting flooring system is environmentally friendly
  • Epoxy coating is highly versatile and flexible to accommodate numerous design options

    You Need Professional Installation

    DIY kits are available for self-installation of epoxy coatings. However, many homeowners realize that their floors have problems soon after installing them. Some of the most common issues include:

    • Wearing out of current paint where tires sit
    • Yellowing
    • Fading
    • Chipping
    • Cracking
    • Peeling

    The above problems come about due to the failure to use the right techniques for the job. Fading, chipping, or peeling epoxy floors are an indication that the coating didn?t bond properly with your concrete slab. Therefore, you need to redo your garage floor again. This can be costly and time-consuming check here sealer for driveway.

    To have a successful installation and avoid potential issues, you need to choose the right professional epoxy flooring expert. Professionals know the ins and outs of preparing your concrete surface and the color choices, calculations, and cleaning processes that give outstanding results.

Need A Professional Epoxy Flooring Company in Palm Beach County, FL?

The proper installation of your garage floor?s epoxy coating can greatly improve its function and aesthetic value. On the other hand, improper work can be really disappointing. To get the best results, contact Palm Beach Epoxy Pros. We can install epoxy coating on your garage floor professionally since we have all it takes to do an amazing job. We have some more examples of epoxy garage options here.