One of the more vital decisions that a homeowner can make is what flooring materials they prefer. While some surfaces remain lovely to look at, some just dont provide enough function for daily use.For more durable flooring types, below are some of the most popular options. Resilient flooring leads to easier maintenance in the future and often costs less in the end.


Terrazzo Tile Floors – Beautiful, Resilient Flooring

Terrazzo surfaces remain among the most breath-taking flooring materials you can find. Their elegant appearance lasts for years, and it adds tons of value to any property.

You can enjoy having Terrazzo material installed either as tiles or poured on and spread like cement. Best of all, the process utilizes chips and pieces of other materials, providing a unique finished appearance.

Unfortunately, Terrazzo flooring remains among the more expensive options as well. Many people pay anywhere from $25-$70 per square foot, with the average expense landing somewhere around $40.

That also makes it potentially too elegant for standard homes, limiting who would benefit the most. If the price tag remains too steep, other options work great, also.


Bamboo Floors – Durable Flooring

Bamboo grows naturally durable, and panda bears about the only animal tough enough to feed on them. As a result, you can expect lovely wood floors that often outpace traditional materials.

Your bamboo floors look elegant without a hefty price tag, and many Palm Beach, FL, homeowners can find them at affordable rates. They can even have their surfaces sanded and refinished, helping to prolong their useable life.

Unfortunately, they are still wood floors, leaving them susceptible to high levels of moisture and humidity. Lingering spills and muggy weather can leave them swollen and force them out of place.

Although a dense wood material, bamboo also scratches and scuffs easily. While youll save more upfront, you may have rising maintenance costs.

Porcelain Floors – More Resilient Than You May Think

Porcelain already gets used in a variety of plumbing fixture applications, from long-lasting sinks to commodes and more. In a flooring application, these tile systems offer the same benefits of ceramic, but with added durability.

The PEI rating, a scale of tile floorings durability, stays at five, the highest grade available. That makes it a suitable choice for high foot traffic rooms.

Porcelain floors also stay slip and stain resistant, and they can take a beating. Unfortunately, they require a significant amount of skill to install correctly, making your contractor search a difficult process.

You can also expect these tiles to stay heavier than standard, making them a structural concern for taller homes. While they would look ideal in master bathrooms and kitchens, it might not be the right choice for your entire house.


Concrete Floors – Common in Resilient Flooring

Concrete flooring has enjoyed a recent boom in popularity due to its affordability and long-lasting properties. Few building materials can hold a candle to cements durable nature, and it stays surprisingly customizable.

Contractors who specialize in installing concrete floors polish, stain, and dye surfaces to leave them appearing like other materials. You can enjoy faux ceramic tiles, wood, stone, and more, all at lower pricing.

Best of all, the process relies on your concrete slab, meaning that most of the materials are already available in your house. The rest of the installation is labor hours and curing times, which should only take about a week.

While concrete systems remain a straightforward way to add elegance, they also make it challenging to heat your home in winter. And without the correct vapor barrier installed, you will quickly see surface cracks form.

Epoxy Floors – The Choices are Endless

Epoxy floors have long remained the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. However, more homeowners are discovering that they stay cost-effective and last longer than most other materials.

Your epoxy floors rely on a resin that chemically cures into a hardened shell, protecting your surfaces from spills, physical damages, temperature changes, and more common hazards. Not only will it withstand more direct impacts and chemicals, but it can withstand daily heavy foot traffic.

Epoxy floors can also get dyed a variety of different colors, and metallic flakes and chips also get used. No two flooring systems ever come out identical, allowing you added uniqueness.

Your systems need an experienced local installation team, and you wont find a more qualified choice than us at Palm BeachEpoxy Pros. See why we stay your trusted choice in epoxy floors and contact us today.