How to Customize Epoxy Floor Coating

Commercial and industrial spaces have more unique requirements for flooring systems than do residential spaces. Floors in these environments must be able to protect customers, students, and employees from all possible hazards that may affect their health and well-being. Epoxy floor coating is a perfect fit for commercial and industrial flooring requirements.

Epoxy floor coatings are ideal because they are able to provide protection against fall and trip hazards. They are also able to provide protection from molds and bacteria. More importantly, they have long term resistance against extremely high foot and vehicle traffic, damage from impacts and wear and tear. Lastly, they provide superior aesthetic appeal and are low in maintenance.

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Customizing Epoxy Flooring

There are unlimited ways on how to customize dull looking and unattractive concrete floors with?epoxy floor coating.

  • Colors, Finishes and Materials

Epoxy floors can easily be customized to suit a particular business? need and preference. Epoxy floor coatings are available in a wide range of finishes and colors and there is always one that will be a perfect match.

These are some of the more popular epoxy coating ideas:

  • Satin or High Gloss Finishes are perfect for any kind of creative ideas.
  • Solid colors in standard or custom hues.
  • Multi-colored, micro or macro chip blends which can mimic the look and appearance of the more expensive terrazzo flooring at a fraction of the cost and with lesser maintenance requirements.
  • Blends of colored quartz which can be comparable to natural granite.
  • Faux stain metallic which can mimic the appearance of stained concrete while maintaining the durable of epoxy flooring.

The possibilities are unlimited in customizing epoxy floors.

  • Embedding Graphics or Logos in Epoxy Floors

This allows the display of the school?s logo, company logo or any design the business wants to impart to their customers and employees. Custom designs or logos pre-printed on stencils, adhesive decals or perforated mesh is embedded on the floor. Non-yellowing epoxy is then applied as a topcoat to ensure the graphic design will adorn the school floor for many years.

These replace the older and traditional large stickers that are often used on floors to display logos and other designs. Embedding a design within industrial-grade epoxy floors is an amazing way to create a one of a kind and eye-catching flooring system while still providing maximum wear and tear resistance.

  • Slip-Resistant Flooring

Aggregates such as colored quartz, grains or flakes including walnut shells, glass spheres, polypropylene spheres,?or silica sand can be added. They create a texture that will make the epoxy floor slip resistant while allowing the epoxy floor to have superior durability.

West Palm Beach Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy floor coating?in schools enhances and complements aesthetics, overall atmosphere and functionality. This flooring system is best used in many areas of the school. We have done these tyles of Jobs in?West Palm Beach?for many years.

  • In Schools, Colleges and Universities. ?Classrooms, stairways and corridors, cafeterias, kitchen floors, locker rooms and restrooms, school gyms.
  • Manufacturing Plants/ Food and Beverage Factories/ Pharmaceutical/ Chemical Processing and all types of manufacturing plants. Production, assembly and packaging areas, contaminant areas, loading docks, stairwells, warehouse, cafeterias, rest rooms and lockers.
  • Clinics and Hospitals. Hallways, stairways, lobby, cafeteria, laboratories, operating rooms, hospital rooms.
  • Retail Stores / Malls. Corridors, hallways, stairways, selling areas, comfort rooms, cafeterias, locker rooms.
  • Offices and Buildings. Lobbies, stairways, working areas.

Actually almost all areas within a commercial and industrial site can be installed with epoxy floor coating. There are different kinds of epoxy flooring that will suit the requirements of different commercial and industrial spaces.
Customizing epoxy floor coatings gives an area a different perspective. Customization is not solely for added aesthetic appeal but for practical reasons as well. There is a wide array of customization options including color and design options. Each option comes with their own ideal features and benefits for commercial and industrial markets.
When choosing a customization option, it is best to match the features and benefits of each process with the operations of a business to achieve the most ideal fit.
To ensure that you get your desired results, it is always best that epoxy floor coatings for commercial and industrial applications be installed by highly trained and professional epoxy installers.
All commercial and industrial sites can benefit a lot from an epoxy floor coating. This flooring system combines form and functionality creating a suitable atmosphere for any business.