Why Choose Epoxy Floor Covering for Industrial Floors

Industrial floors require the most durable floor coverings or coatings to withstand high foot traffic, traffic from heavy equipment such as forklifts, dust and dirt. More importantly it should be able to hold even with infrequent cleaning.?Epoxy floor covering?or coating fits these requirements.

Warehouses, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical laboratories and other manufacturing facilities are always bustling with activities. It is common to see these sites with lots of pallet trucks or forklifts carrying heavy loads. Boxes and pallets are oftentimes dragged across the floor. Heavy foot traffic is also a common sight.

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Bare Concrete Floors

Bare concrete floors have for many years been commonly used in warehouses and all types of manufacturing facilities. These sites though are tough flooring environments and bare concrete is not just up for the job. Bare concrete can also cause severe problems for these sites. ?

Damage to Equipment

Bare concrete floors are prone to joints and cracks which can cause expensive damage to the suspension and wheels of machinery used in warehouses.

Concrete Dusting

Day to day manufacturing and warehousing operations on bare concrete causes it to accumulate dust that can be hazardous to the staff and equipment. Concrete dusting is a phenomenon wherein bare concrete releases into the air fine powder. It is unavoidable and can cause expensive damages.

Concrete dusting is more than just items being covered in a layer of dust and looking dirty. Dust can coat or even enter equipment and cause severe damage. Dust can also be inhaled by employees and can post health risks. Dust is a big liability to any warehouse.

Slip Hazards

Bare concrete can be slippery when wet that can be a major cause for accidents.

Be Knowledgeable and Confident

Be knowledgeable of the project you are about to undertake. Do some research and ask around so you know what you exactly need and want. When you are knowledgeable of the project you will be able to ask the right questions. You will also be able to easily assess the competence of the concrete?contractor?you are talking to.

Have Several Options

When you are searching for the right concrete contracting professional you need to have several options. Have a list of prospective contractors and speak to each of them. Narrow down your choice to the top 3 and concentrate on them by further qualifying them.

Experience in Your Project

Make it a point to choose a concrete contractor who specializes on your project to ensure that he has the proper training, skills and experience to complete the job. The concrete contractor should also be knowledgeable of the codes, permits and regulations required by the project.

Test Skill and Knowledge

Ask questions so you can test the skill and knowledge of the concrete contractor with regards to your project. This is the reason you need to do some research to have a background on what you want done. You want to engage your prospects with intelligent talk so you can gauge their competence.

Insured, Licensed and Bonded

In any project that you undertake in your home, it is always best that you only hire contractors that are insured, licensed and bonded. This will ensure that you are dealing with a professional?and reliable polished concrete contractor in. Insurances, licenses and bonds are also for your protection while the project is ongoing.

Epoxy Floor Covering

Epoxy floor covering?or coating is a combination of resins and hardeners that creates a chemical reaction to form a material that will provide concrete floors with a protective covering.?Installing?epoxy floor covering?or coating can solve problems associated with bare concrete. Epoxy coating is a flooring solution that can withstand voluminous traffic of pallet trucks or forklifts carrying heavy loads without causing any damage to the floor.?Epoxy coating produces a seamless flooring system without joints so it will not cause damage to suspension and wheels of equipment and machinery. This flooring solution is also resistant to abrasion so impacts from falling heavy objects or tools will not cause the floor to crack.Epoxy coating is also a flooring solution that will never cause concrete dusting. It prevents concrete dusting from becoming a nuisance and hazard because it covers and seals bare concrete. ?Epoxy coating instead of causing concrete dusting is resistant to dust making the floor easy to clean and maintain.?Epoxy flooring systems are non-porous so dust, dirt, liquids and chemicals cannot penetrate the floor surface. Epoxy floors comes with a smooth and glossy finish but comes with anti-slip properties.?Epoxy coatings combine value, effectiveness, durability, ease in maintenance and aesthetics making it an ideal flooring solution for warehouses.?Aesthetic Appeal

Epoxy coating is available in a wide range of colors and designs. It also comes with a high gloss finish. Epoxy coating is an ideal alternative to dull and boring -gray colored bare concrete.

The aesthetic appeal of epoxy coating can contribute a lot to the good image of the manufacturing plants and warehouses. It is common for clients to do an ocular inspection of a warehouse to ensure flawless business operations.

Ideal Areas for Epoxy Floor Covering

There are specific areas in the manufacturing plants and warehouses that need enhanced protection. These are the areas where epoxy coatings are best installed:

  • Heavy traffic areas. Epoxy coatings can withstand the daily torture from heavy equipment, machinery and loads without causing any damage to the floor.
  • Wet areas. Epoxy coatings with added slip resistant properties should be installed in these areas to prevent accidents.
  • Walkways. Epoxy coatings in different colors can identify areas where employees and visitors can safely walk.
  • Dispatch areas. Epoxy coatings are installed in these areas to prevent any concrete dust formation that may damage equipment, machinery or cause electronic signal disruptions.

Epoxy floor coverings?are ideal flooring solution for manufacturing plants and warehouses. Consult the experts to ensure your warehouse may reap all the benefits of this flooring solution.

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