Factors that Determine Epoxy Flooring Cost

When you call an epoxy flooring contractor, it?s understood that you want to get down to brass tacks, ?what?s my floor gonna COST?? We take that question head on. Here are a few factors that can go in to pricing a job. What?s the surface prep like? Does the slab have good integrity? Are there cracks or crumbling? Is there paint or glue or epoxy on the floor currently? These are all factors that can lead to a lot more work on our part. We have to make the epoxy porous so the epoxy binds to the concrete, that way you get the most out of your floor.

How much traffic will you have on the floor?

Is there a requirement such as quartz, flake, metallic?

All of these things go in to cost, we want to make your that your floor fits your individual needs. The cost of a floor can range anywhere from $3.50 a square foot to $20.00 a square foot based on the factors we mentioned above. All of our epoxy systems include grinding and a three-part?epoxy system

Here are a couple of our objectives.

  • The floors need to aesthetically appealing and durable.
  • The floors should also be able to withstand high foot traffic and/ or vehicle traffic
  • The floors should be scratch resistant and stain resistant.
  • The floors should be resistant to impact and abrasion.
  • The floors should be resistant to chemical, oil and grease spills
  • The floors should be resistant to dust, dirt, mold mildew and other allergens.

Epoxy flooring is the best solution to these requirements.

But how much does epoxy flooring for a commercial or industrial space cost? There are several factors that affect epoxy flooring cost. One thing is sure though, in the long term, epoxy flooring is a cost effective flooring option.

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Factors Affecting Epoxy Costs

The square footage of your space first and foremost affects the total cost of the products (epoxy materials, primers etc?) that are going to be used for this project. It also affects labor costs.

Here are the other factors that can affect the cost of installing epoxy flooring on an old concrete surface. You can ignore some of the factors mentioned when working with a newly installed concrete surface. Be aware that a new concrete surface should be at least 30 days old to ensure a successful?epoxy flooring installation.

  • Customization Options

The rack price per square feet of epoxy flooring installation is often based on a single standard color epoxy. When you decide to add in some customization options like additional colors, finishes, non-slip coating, anti-microbial coatings and aggregates (epoxy flakes, chips, metallic epoxy etc?), there will definitely be additional costs.

  • Preparation of the Concrete Surface

Prior to epoxy flooring installation the concrete surface should be properly prepared. This is to ensure that the epoxy material (mixture of resin and hardener) will successfully adhere to the concrete surface.

Preparation involves the grinding and blasting of the concrete surface to get rid of dust, dirt, grime, existing sealants and glues to create a clean and smooth concrete surface. This process is often included in the package cost.

The condition of the existing concrete surface can add up to the materials and labor costs when especially when patching work needs to be done to repair chips, cracks and crumbling concrete. If the concrete sub-floor is beyond repair it will need to be replaced.

  • Time of Installation

Time allotted for installation also dictates the overall cost. If the installers need to work double time to meet a deadline (working overnight or during a weekend), labor costs will definitely increase.

  • Project Location

An epoxy contractor will often state his serviceable areas. This means that the location of your business is within the mile radius that is incorporated in his contract cost. When the location of your restaurant is not within his serviceable area, you will be charge with extra costs.

Before an epoxy contractor can provide you with an estimate, he will first do a site inspection. This will allow him to consider all the factors mentioned above when he does make his project plan and a cost estimate.

Epoxy flooring installation in the onset requires a big investment however it is in the long term a cost effective flooring option. It is also less expensive than other flooring options. The long and short of epoxy flooring installation is that it is a worthwhile investment.

Does a Better Floor Cost More?

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. There are a lot of companies that will come in just to win a bid. That?s not us. We stand by our work. The price varies based on the amount of surface prep, products and the number of coats you need. These factors all lead to a better floor. We always grind our floors so the epoxy bonds to the concrete the way it should.

We only use the best products. Our Epoxy floors are made to stand up in airport hangars and industrial kitchens. They can take a beating and keep on ticking.

Of course it is a given that a high grade epoxy material will produce floors with a longer lifespan than inferior quality epoxy product.
Proper preparation of the concrete surface. A poorly prepared concrete surface prior to installation will not make the epoxy material adhere well to the concrete surface.
Quality of installation. Epoxy floors installed by the pros will ensure a longer lifespan.
Amount of foot and or vehicle traffic. Epoxy flooring is durable and can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. More torture to the epoxy floor will of course result in faster wear and tear.
How often the floors are cleaned and maintained. Just like any product the more regular epoxy floors are cleaned and maintained the longer it will last.
The most common commercial and industrial application of epoxy flooring includes:
Manufacturing plants
Colleges and Universities
Chemical Processing Plants
Food and Beverage Processing Plants
Car Manufacturing Plants
Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Clinics, Hospitals and other Healthcare institutions
Retail Stores and Malls
Restaurants and Hotels
Offices and Buildings
Other commercial and industrial sites
Your business will benefit a lot from epoxy flooring. The epoxy flooring cost you invested will in the long term come out cheaper than the less durable and cheaper flooring options.

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