Epoxy flooring installation involves the use of resins and hardeners to come up with a durable, strong and long-lasting flooring system. This flooring system comes with a high gloss finish to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the flooring system.

Not every floor can come only with a solid-colored epoxy coating. While epoxy flooring systems have functional features such as durability, toughest and the ability to be resistant to many substances, in certain situations it will also need some decoration.

Decorative epoxy flooring installation in Jupiter, Florida is a tough and durable flooring system that also looks so good. These floors may look cool and fancy but they are tough and durable floors.

Decorative epoxy flooring further enhances the aesthetic appeal of an epoxy flooring system. Decorative epoxy flooring consists of decorativepigments ranging from aggregates of colored quart to metallic epoxy pigments to create a customized flooring system.

Every epoxy decorative flooring installation is unique. Each floor is installed based on your desired customized look.

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What is Epoxy Decorative Flooring?

Choosing to install epoxy flooring in your home is a great idea. It will provide you with a durable, smooth, safe, attractive and highly resistant flooring system.

Decorative epoxy flooring installation in Jupiter, Florida is an epoxy flooring that stands out. Epoxy floors with its high gloss finish already offers a lot of aesthetic appeal but when you add chips, flakes, or quartz to the epoxy floor you add in more flair to the flooring system.

Decorative epoxy flooring is a neat way to give a garage, basement and other areas in your home a new and vibrant look. It will transform your dull and boring concrete surface into an exciting new floor and at the same time being stronger and more durable than regular epoxy flooring.

Epoxy decorative flooring is available in many forms.

The flake flooring system or chip flooring system is one of the more popular decorative epoxy flooring installations in Jupiter, Florida. It involves the use of 100% solids epoxy mixed with acrylic chips. After installation the new epoxy decorative floor is topped with urethane to ensure it is resistant to chemicals and stains.

Decorative vinyl colored flakes are polymer paint aggregates consisting of vinyl and acrylic resins to create flakes that are is 4 5 mils in thick. These thin flakes are available in a wide variety of custom colors.

These flakes come in random shapes ranging in diameters of 2/32 inch to 1 inch. The most commonly used flakes garage epoxy flooring installation are the ones that come in inch sizes.

Decorative epoxy flakes are best applied by professional epoxy installers to make sure the micro or macro chips or flakes are evenly blended with the epoxy.

This flooring offers a terrazzo-like look that is unique, sparkling and in a design that is uniquely your own. It is easy to clean and maintain as well.

Decorative epoxy quartz floor consists of 100% solids epoxy and fine or coarse quartz aggregates. Decorative epoxy quartz flooring installation is ideal for replacement and repair more than enhancing an epoxy floor.

Decorative epoxy quartz flooring installation combines thicker and durable epoxy flooring with colored aggregate finish. Colors of the quartz aggregates can be customized. Professional epoxy installers in Jupiter, Florida can include multiple colors, divider strips, textures and patterns for a more appealing look.

Decorative epoxy quartz flooring installation is ideal for areas that get a moderate amount of foot traffic. This flooring system comes with fully smooth, semi-smooth or slip resistant textures. This flooring system is also resistant to chemical spills. It is likewise easy to clean and maintain.

Terrazzo flooring (cement based) is embedded with small pieces granite in mortar or marble followed by some polishing to create a mosaic-like flooring finish is known for its timeless beauty.

Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring is a newer terrazzo version that comes with multi-colored designs and patterns. The epoxy resin is pigmented just like paint to create numerous color spectrums. This flooring system can also come with a wide range of colored aggregates such as granite, marble, mother of pearl, recycled glass and other synthetic materials.

Divider strips can be used to separate areas with different colors. Terrazzo epoxy flooring can also create logos, borders, geometric designs and other artistic patterns and designs.

Terrazzo epoxy flooring installation in Jupiter, Florida offers superior durability making them ideal for use in high traffic areas. Since the binder of this flooring system is of 100% solid epoxy, it provides great chemical resistance, resiliency and strength than cement-based flooring systems.

Metallic epoxy flooring is made of 100% solid and two component epoxies. It is an epoxy formulation that includes a metallic (pearlescent) pigment.

The decorative epoxy flooring comes with a glass-like and smooth finish with a reflective sparkle. Each metallic epoxy floor will have its own distinct look in a style that is all your own.

Benefits of Decorative Epoxy Floors

Decorative Epoxy Floors provide an enhanced aesthetic appeal to your epoxy flooring system. Beauty and appeal are only one of the m any benefits of decorative epoxy floors:

  • Epoxy floors are durable and tough making them resistant to abrasions and impact.
  • Bacteria and dirt do not settle or penetrate the epoxy floor because it is impermeable and seamless.
  • Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain because they are resistant to dust, dirt, chemical spills and stains. Spot cleaning with a dust mop or damp mat with gentle cleaners is all that is needed to keep the floor looking good and clean at all times.

Decorative epoxy floors offer all these benefits plus unlimited design options. With decorative epoxy flooring installation you will be able to choose your own design, color, glossiness, texture and finish.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Epoxy Contractor

Epoxy flooring installation is not meant to be a do-it-yourself project. Although you can easily purchase a complete epoxy kit it can be difficult to prepare the concrete surface prior to the flooring installation. Epoxy flooring installation in itself is a tricky process.

When you hire a professional epoxy installer in Jupiter, Florida, you will be assured of these things:

  • Professional and reliable epoxy flooring installers in Jupiter, Florida are most likely to be affiliated with well-established epoxy material manufacturers. This means that these epoxy installed only use high quality and top grade epoxy products.
  • Professional epoxy installers prepare the substrate in a proper manner to ensure a successful epoxy flooring installation. Small errors in substrate preparation can lead to bigger problems which may make your project cost more so it is best that this be left to the experts.
  • Professional epoxy installers make sure the epoxy flooring installation is done at the right temperatures to ensure the epoxy material will adhere well to the concrete surface and also so it will cure quickly and correctly.
  • Professional epoxy installers are equipped with the right tools and equipment to ensure the installation is fast, effective and successful.
  • Professional epoxy installers will make sure you will be able to reap all the benefits of an epoxy flooring system such as durability, resiliency and aesthetic appeal.

Decorative epoxy flooring installation is a combination to durability, toughness and an extremely appealing appearance. It can withstand the abuse of high foot traffic, liquid and chemical spills and yet maintain its beautiful look.

These stylish decorative epoxy flooring systems are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial spaces including garages, basements, retail shops, hotel lobbies, restaurants, showrooms and any space where you need a tough, durable, resilient and long lasting flooring system that is one of a kind and extremely beautiful and appealing.


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