It is the desire of every homeowner to have a durable garage flooring that has a lot of aesthetic appeal. This desire can only be achieved by the best epoxy garage flooring in Palm Beach County, fl. Installing an inferior quality coating over your garage concrete surface will not be able to fight the dust, dirt, chemical spills and impact from falling tools a garage floor is often exposed to.

Epoxy garage flooring adds brilliance to your otherwise dull and boring garage concrete surface. Installing epoxy flooring in your garage can also make it look more appealing. It is as if you are parking your vehicles in a car showroom in your home.

It is never easy to pick the best epoxy garage flooring as there are budget constraints to deal with. Besides, there are so many manufacturers of epoxy products and epoxy garage flooring installers.

Of course, you can choose to buy an epoxy kit and install the garage flooring system yourself but for best results, it is highly recommended that you hire the right epoxy garage flooring installer. There are so many different companys that take a class for 2 days and put down a coat of epoxy paint. The problem is that your garage will look like crap and peel and de-laminate in 6 months.

Even if the epoxy garage flooring installer will have his preferred epoxy product it is best that you are knowledgeable of everything about epoxy garage flooring installation. This is so you know what is happening every step of the way.

Epoxy coatings are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Of late, epoxy has become a popular flooring option for residential application especially in the garage. Epoxy is the best flooring option for your garage for 3 major reasons.

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Advantage Of Epoxy Garage Flooring

Metallic epoxy floors are becoming extremely popular as a flooring option for industrial and commercial flooring. Epoxy a lot of types ofepoxy coatingsto suit specific commercial and industrial applications.
Here are some of the more popular types of epoxy coating and where each can be best used in a commercial or industrial space.

  • Epoxy Garage Flooring is Extremely Durable

When the right type of epoxy material is chosen and when properly installed, epoxy is an extremely durable garage flooring option. Epoxy materials can either be water-based, clear epoxy or solid epoxy.

  • Water-based epoxy. This type of epoxy is user-friendly and not too expensive. They are however not durable. They are also not resistant to chemical spills, stains, abrasions and impact. This type of epoxy flooring is not suitable for your garage floor.
  • Clear epoxy. This type of epoxy is designed to be applied over existing epoxy garage flooring. Its main purpose is to increase the durability of the existing epoxy garage flooring. It is not intended to be the main epoxy garage flooring material.
  • Solid epoxy. This is the most durable and best epoxy material for your garage floor. It may be more costly than water-based and clear epoxies but it is the most epoxy material for your garage floor.
  • Epoxy Garage Flooring is Highly Resistant

Epoxy comes with an appealing high gloss finish. Epoxy garage flooring is also highly resistant to oil, gas, brake fluid and other corrosive chemicals that may be present in your garage. Epoxy will be able to protect the concrete surface underneath against these harmful substances.

Epoxy garage flooring is also resistant to abrasion, impact and even fire and heat. This material can also hide the imperfections (spider cracks etc) in the concrete surface.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Has Great Performance Qualities

Epoxy is a high performing flooring material. It adheres extremely well to the concrete surface, is durable (long lasting and highly resistant to many substances) and comes with a great aesthetic appeal.

To fully enjoy the benefits of epoxy garage flooring proper preparation and installation needs to be effected.

  • Repair problems in the concrete surface prior to installation of epoxy such as holes, chips and cracks.
  • Making the concrete surface rough enough to ensure maximum adhesion of epoxy to the concrete surface. This is done through shot blasting, grinding and acid etching.
  • Remove solvents and degreasers, dust, dirt, moisture and existing coatings.


It is always best to have a professional epoxy installer do your garage flooring. He will ensure the successful epoxy flooring installation. It will however work to your advantage if you know the qualities of the best epoxy flooring option.

  • Brilliance and Glossiness of the Finish

Increasing glossiness is one of the main reasons homeowners prefer epoxy garage flooring. The epoxy finish is most important because epoxy per se produces only a semi-gloss finish. It is the polyurethane coating in the epoxy material that provides the added brilliance.

  • Maximum Durability

Make sure the epoxy material is highly durable. If it is not durable enough it will not be able to maintain its glossiness.
The epoxy material should also be durable enough to withstand heavy loads of your vehicles and other tools or equipment you may have in your garage without developing any cracks or chips. The epoxy material should also be durable enough to withstand hot tires.
The epoxy material should also come with great adhesion power. Poor adhesion which causes peeling is one of the main reasons of epoxy floor installation failure.

  • Should be able to Resist Dust and Corrosion

Your garage will be prone to dust and corrosive materials. Flooring stains caused by oil, grease, grease and lubricants is an awful sight. Make sure the epoxy material is resistant to these substances.
The epoxy material should also be resistant to moisture as well. If the epoxy material is not resistant to moisture and there are water spills from say a wet car, flooring may peel and lead to effloresce.

  • Colorless or Colorful

This can be a bit confusing especially if it is the first time you are going for an epoxy flooring system. If you want to achieve a semi-glossy and brilliant floor and chose to use decorative chips, a bright colored epoxy is your best option.
If on the other hand you want your epoxy garage flooring to be overly brilliant and with a highly glossy finish, a colorless epoxy is your best option.

  • Curing Time

Most epoxy floors should be able to accept a few walks twenty-fours after installation. They should be ready to accept regular foot traffic after about four days. Some epoxy materials harden and cure more quickly.

What is the Best Epoxy Garage Flooring System?

The bestepoxy garage flooring optionscan be chosen through one of our catalogues. We use only the best manufacturers which is what has made us the go to installer. We do use premium grade and multi-coat epoxy material. This type of epoxy material usually consists of 100% solid epoxy, a clear epoxy topcoat and some acrylic colored chips. They are usually between 30 and 40 mils thick.

This type of epoxy flooring system may be a bit expensive but will be worth every dollar you spend because it can last for as long as 20 years or even more.

Epoxy garage flooring installation can be do-it-yourself. The best results however can only be achieved by the best,Palm Beach Epoxy Pros.

If you have decided on having a professional installer do the job, make sure you both agree on the number of coatings to be applied. Make sure, too that you keep an eye on the number of coats that he really does apply.

While there are numerous professional, reliable and trustworthy epoxy garage flooring installers in Jupiter, Florida, it cannot be avoided that there too are mediocre ones who want to earn a fast buck.

Qualify your epoxy garage flooring installer well to ensure that you are hiring the right Palm Beach Floor installation company in Jupiter, Florida. The right epoxy materials and installation will ensure that you will reap all the benefits of epoxy flooring and have a garage flooring system that will be an envy of many.


Our team is different. We tak multiple training classes on decorative concrete and epoxy every year, but we don’t stop there. We also take training classes on customer service. Our goal is to provide the best and most durable floors at the most affordable price without sacrificing quality and the level of customer support we provide. We love serving West Palm Beach and the neighboring areas.