Jupiter Florida Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the strongest, toughest and most beautiful flooring options you can install in your home. When done right, epoxy flooring can last for long years and provide you with a lot of functional and aesthetic benefits

Over time concrete floors will tend to deteriorate. Cracks and chips will start to appear. Stains will also start to become difficult to clean and permanent. If your concrete floor is starting to show visible signs of wear and tear it may be time consider a new flooring option and hire a professional in Jupiter, Florida.

If you have chosen to have an epoxy flooring installation in your home or business, you have made an intelligent choice. Epoxy coatings are popular flooring options in many industries. Homeowners are now going for epoxy floors as well.

Epoxy flooring is durable and tough. It is easy to clean and maintain because it is resistant to liquid and chemical spills. It is impact resistant, too. Most of all, epoxy flooring comes with a high gloss finish that can light up the area in your home or business where it is installed.

Epoxy flooring installation may look like a simple and easy project. Come to think of it all that is needed is to prepare the concrete surface, prime the substrate, mix the resins and hardeners to create the epoxy material and apply.

The thing is there is a lot that goes on prior and during epoxy installation that will affect its success or failure. When the process of epoxy installation is done right, you will be able to reap all the functional and aesthetic benefits of epoxy flooring.

When the process of epoxy installation is not done right, you will need to deal with the costly errors because epoxy can be extremely difficult to remove. When an epoxy flooring installation failure occurs, you will be left with an unappealing flooring system that is close to impossible to remove.

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To be able to reap all the benefits of epoxy flooring, there needs to be a successful installation. Here are the factors that will contribute to successful and properly installed epoxy flooring.
The skills and expertise needed for a successful epoxy installation is what separates a professional and reliable contractor from a mediocre one. The success of your epoxy flooring investment depends on the proper preparation prior to installation, proper installation and curing.

Choosing the Right Epoxy Material

Choose the right epoxy material and adhesives that will bond well with your concrete surface. The best epoxy material is 100% solid epoxy. It may be more costly but it does not contain any solvents that can evaporate. This type of epoxy hardens quickly so it should only be handled by a professional and skillful epoxy installer in Jupiter, Florida.

Assessing the Environment

The temperature in the area has a lot to do with the success of the installation. The temperature of the concrete surface must at least be 550F. The temperature of the environment must be between 600F to 900F to ensure the epoxy material will bond well with the concrete surface and the epoxy flooring will cure well, too.

Proper Concrete Surface Preparation

The concrete surface must be properly prepared prior to epoxy installation to ensure successful results. The epoxy material will only bond with a clean and moisture-free concrete surface. It is important that the concrete surface is rough and its pores open so the epoxy material will penetrate and adhere.
Clean the concrete surface to make sure it is free of grease, oil, dust and debris. The concrete surface should also be even and without chips or cracks.

Preparing to Install

Epoxy is a mixture of resins and hardeners that will react chemically to create a rigid plastic-like material. The ratio, environment conditions, the right size per batch and proper mixing ensure a good epoxy mixture. The resins and hardeners when mixed need to be applied within a certain time to ensure proper adhering to the concrete surface and curing.

Epoxy Flooring Check List, Jupiter FL

A great amount of care is needed for?epoxy flooring?to be successfully installed. When the humidity, temperature, materials, tools, equipment and time of installation are not right, there will surely be a failure in installation. Of course the right epoxy installer in Jupiter, Florida is also an important aspect.

When preparation and installation is not done properly, the epoxy flooring is bound to have blisters and bubbles and will also not adhere well to the concrete surface.

  • Epoxy Garage Flooring is Extremely Durable

  • The success of epoxy flooring installation entails the proper adhering of the epoxy material to the concrete surface. The concrete surface must be exceptionally clean, free of dust, dirt, grease oil, chemical spills and existing sealers to ensure proper adhering.

When these contaminants are present, the epoxy material will adhere to them and not to the concrete surface.
Improper concrete surface preparation will cause the epoxy material to not properly adhere with the concrete surface causing peeling, cracking, discoloration and separation of the epoxy material from the concrete surface.

  • Too much moisture affects epoxy flooring installation. The epoxy material will not bond well with the concrete surface with moisture present.

Blisters will also appear when moisture is still present in the concrete surface when epoxy is installed. Epoxy is moisture resistant and when installed prevents moisture in the concrete surface from escaping. When this happens, the epoxy flooring will develop blisters.

  • The epoxy flooring will only be as good as the concrete surface it is applied over. A substandard concrete surface (with cracks and chips) will cause the epoxy flooring to separate from the concrete surface.
  • Epoxy flooring should only be installed over concrete surface because it is a suitable subfloor. Concrete surfaces are strong and tough and have great adhesion abilities. Wood is not a good subfloor for epoxy because it has contraction and expansion features due to humidity and temperature factors.
  • Epoxy Garage Flooring is Highly Resistant

Epoxy will not be able to successfully deal with the movements in wood which will lead to cracking, peeling and tearing and ultimately a failure in installation.

  • Epoxy is a liquid material that will transform in a solid coating once applied to the concrete surface. When directly applied to the concrete floor without a primer or with the wrong primer the epoxy material will not have a strong adhesion to the concrete surface.
  • When the color of the epoxy material is not consistent, chances are it was not properly mixed. ?Grease or oil in the concrete surface which was not properly cleaned can also cause variations in color. Using epoxy material from different batches may also affect color consistency.

Exposing the epoxy mixture to direct sunlight will also make ultraviolet rays alter epoxy color. Mix the epoxy material well. Not correctly mixing epoxy may also cause air bubbles to develop after application.
Do not expose it to direct sunlight and apply the coating within the specified time after mixing.

  • An unqualified epoxy installer in all likelihood will install inferior quality epoxy flooring. There are so many factors to deal with when installing epoxy. When the installer is not equipped with the right knowledge, expertise and equipment for concrete surface preparation and epoxy installation, the project will definitely fail.

The best way to ensure a successful epoxy flooring installation is to hire a professional and reliable epoxy flooring installer in Jupiter, Florida. Working with a professional installer is always recommended for best possible and successful results.