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North Palm Beach in Florida, The Best City to Live Under the Sun, is an incorporated village with a population of a little over 13,000. (U.S. Census Bureau 2017 estimate). John D. MacArthur, a philanthropist developed this area which is today the 147thlargest city in Florida.

North Palm Beach was recognized by the National Association of Home Builders as the Best Planned Community in the US for 1956, the same year it was incorporated

North Palm Beach boats of being home to the only state park in Palm Beach and the Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

While North Palm Beach is widely known for Outdoor and Recreation, Retail Trade ranks 3rdas the most common industry based on the number of employees. Healthcare ranks first and Professional, Scientific and Tech Services second.

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Epoxy Flooring System

Epoxy flooring is a durable and reliable surface ideal for commercial, industrial and even residential floors. Epoxy flooring can transform dull looking concrete floors into high performing, beautiful, smooth and long lasting floors that can withstand heavy foot traffic and loads.

Commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial facilities need to have floors are that always in perfect condition as well as easy to clean and maintain. These establishments and facilities also need floors that are stain and slip resistant. Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution.

An epoxy flooring system provides the concrete floor with an extra layer of protection so it can withstand daily torture from high foot traffic as well as heavy equipment. An epoxy flooring system can also provide:

  • Hard wearing surface that can withstand heavy foot, vehicle and equipment traffic.
  • Shiny high Gloss Finish that can increase the brightness of the area by as much as 200%
  • Resistance to dust, dirt, molds and mildew because of the seamless surface..
  • Resistance to chemical spills preventing stains from grease, oil and other substances.
  • Resistance to Impact and Abrasion
  • Enhance safety by providing an anti-slip- surface which is resistant to fire and heat.
  • Ease in cleaning and maintenance because its high-gloss finish, seamless surface and resistance to many substances.

Over and above the functional benefits of an epoxy flooring system is its ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area. An epoxy flooring system is available in a wide array of color palette ranging from solid colors, customized colors and metallic coatings.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy has been increasing in popularity as one of the best flooring solution for commercial and industrial floors. There are various epoxy flooring options you can use on floors of your establishment or facility. Each flooring system has distinct functions separating one from the other.

100% Solid Epoxy Floors

The most durable amongst all epoxy materials for a flooring system, this material can make floors last for up to 20 years. This flooring system will remain in top shape even when subjected to high volumes of foot traffic just like in commercial establishments (malls, retail stores, office buildings).

This flooring system is also able to withstand hot tire marks (commercial garages and parking spaces), chemical spills and abrasions (warehouses, industrial facilities, factories).

Solvent-based Epoxy Floors

Solvent used to be the most used carrier agent for epoxy coatings. It is easier to apply because it works even in higher humidity and cooler temperatures. Solvent based products though have high volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

Solvent-based epoxy coatings need to have low VOC content to allow its use in many states. This type of epoxy flooring has great performance and durability. It also has high tolerance for petroleum contaminates making it ideal for parking structures, machine shops and commercial garages. This flooring option also comes with a glossier finish.

Industry consumers however are geared toward using environment-friendly options. The government has also issued tougher regulations on the use of solvent-based products. This resulted in installers not using solvent-based epoxy coatings.

Water-based Epoxy Floors

With the limited availability and use of solvent-based epoxy coatings, there has been an increase in the use of water-based epoxies. This material has lower to zero VOCs and is commonly used in states with stringer solvent-based product restrictions

Water-based epoxies however have not yet produced the required durability and chemical resistant properties similar to 100% Solid epoxies needed for many industrial and commercial applications.

This epoxy flooring option can be used for light to moderate spaces since it can also provide the concrete surface with a glossy and smooth finish which are resistant against abrasion, stains and chemical reactions.

Epoxy Flooring Commercial & Industrial Applications Include:

  • Malls, retail establishments and car showrooms
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Car Manufacturing Plants
  • Hospitals and Schools
  • Commercial Garages and Parking spaces

Epoxy flooring systems are only as good as the quality of the epoxy materials used, proper preparation of the concrete surface and right installation. These things can only be ensured by professional and reliable epoxy coating contractors and installers.


Our team is different. We tak multiple training classes on decorative concrete and epoxy every year, but we don’t stop there. We also take training classes on customer service. Our goal is to provide the best and most durable floors at the most affordable price without sacrificing quality and the level of customer support we provide. We love serving West Palm Beach and the neighboring areas.