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Heres the low down: Polished concrete floors are growing in popularity. The concept of using the existing concrete surface that is already part of your home, retail, commercial and industrial spaces to create functional and beautiful floors just makes to much sense. It can be rustic or modern, affordable and durable. Why not get your floors polished

Many homeowners and business owners are choosing to install polished concrete for its durability, feel and look. These make polished concrete the best alternative to other conventional flooring systems.

Polished concrete flooring is a cool choice as flooring for a wide range of purposes. Polished concrete provides finishes that are durable, beautiful and are easy to clean and maintain. Polished concrete is also a versatile material that is easy to customize depending on your style and preference.

A Polished concrete floor can make use of colors, quartz and dazzling aggregates to create unique and sophisticated finishes. While still basically used as an interior flooring option, polished concrete is now also being used in patios and other external applications.

The aggregate exposure levels of polished concrete range from a creamy finish to full exposure of the aggregate. The resulting finish of polished concrete depends on the diamond grit that is used to polish the concrete surface. Finishes can range from matt, to high gloss finishes.

The shiny look of polished concrete can be achieved either through the mechanical or chemical processes.

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Mechanical Polished Concrete Finishes

The mechanical process used in creating polished concrete uses aconcretefloorgrinderand different diamond abrasive grits. It includes the use of progressive grits with abrasive bonds and polishing pads of diamond resin bond. The floor needs to be densified during the process. This process is similar to polishing marble or hardwood sanding.

Mechanical polished concrete can achieve a Salt and Pepper, Cream or Full Aggregate Exposure finish look. The level of sheen can range from High Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin or Matt. These can be achieved depending on the grit and metal or resin bond diamond abrasives used.

Before polished concrete is applied, all existing coatings on the concrete surface such as paint, glue, mastic or epoxy and more need to be removed.

  • Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper polish concrete is one of the easiest to achieve. It is also the most common polished concrete option. This flooring option can hold a beautiful shine and can also be stained. Some imperfections may be visible in the finished flooring such as little cracks and small holes. These however can add to the unique and shiny look of the polished concrete floor.

  • Cream

Cream polished concrete is the most consistent and smoothest polished concrete finish. Cream polished concrete can be stained and dyed with more consistency to achieved colored polished concrete finishes.

  • Full Aggregate Exposure

This is the least popular type of polished concrete because of its high cost. When properly done by the right polished concrete installer in Jupiter, Florida, a full aggregate exposed polished concrete can achieve an amazing look.

The type of polished concrete finish depends on your preference, the purpose you are installing polished concrete and the condition of the concrete surface. The condition of the concrete surface offers some limitations on the type of finish of the polished concrete floor.

The concrete surface needs to be properly prepared prior to application for a successful polished concrete installation. Professional polished concrete installers in Jupiter, Florida will inspect the condition of your existing floor and give recommendations so you can achieve the desired final look of your floor.

Chemical Polished Concrete Finishes

Epoxy coatings, urethane, acrylic sealers and the like are achieved through the chemical process of polished concrete. This process involves the sealing of floors through a chemical process.

Polished concrete still maintains the existing concrete floor but this time with a glossy surface that is more durable and extremely resistant to abrasion. Polished concrete can also be colored to create a beautiful and attractive flooring system. Polished concrete also comes in different levels of sheen.

Chemical Polished Concrete Finishes

With the availability of a wide range of colors and hues polished concrete has become a flooring option with a design element to add to its functionality.

Through acid stains, polished concrete floors can look similar to marble floors. This effect is achieved when calcium hydroxide in the concrete slab react with the metallic salts of the acid stain.

Acid stains create rich colors. When diluted with water the percentage ration of liquid to acid is altered to create a lighter color.

Applying dyes is one of the best ways to make polished concrete more appealing. While acid stains are only limited to earth tones, concrete dyes come with a wider range of color palette. Dyes are available in numerous vibrant colors which can allow you to create works of art out of your polished concrete floor.

Concrete dyes also do not react chemically with concrete. This makes the result of the application of dyes less mottled and more predictable than stains. Concrete dyes are also easier to control while being applied so you can create more detailed graphic designs.

Concrete dyes contain fine pigments that penetrate deep into the concrete surface to produce mirror-like color effects. You can choose to use only dyes as the coloring agent. You can also use acid stains in combination with concrete dyes to create more color variations.

Polished concrete flooring in your home option that can achieve a customized and unique look with the use of colors on top of concrete through acid staining and concrete dying.

Decorative enhancements can also be added to polished concrete for endless options of decorative finishes with stencils or saw cuts. Adding colors and decorative finishes on polished concrete is like making the concrete surface a huge art canvass.

Professional and skilled polished concrete installers in Jupiter, Florida can create unique, one of a kind and customized colors and designs with a wide range of materials mixed on top of concrete.

Polished Concrete Process

Polished concrete when done by a professional and reliable installer in Jupiter, Florida will entail this process.

  1. Concrete surface preparation. This is the removal of any existing coatings in the concrete surface including tiles, paints, sealers and epoxy.
  2. Metal cutting. This is the grinding of the floor to achieve an even and smooth surface.
  3. Densifying. This is to increase the strength of the concrete surface and to make it resistant to abrasion.
  4. Polishing. This is the application of cuts of resin bonds to achieve the level of gloss preferred.
  5. Application of penetrating dyes. This is to give your new polished concrete floor a unique color and design.

Polished Concrete Maintenance

Polished concrete is one of the strongest and most durable flooring options as it is aesthetically appealing. Being low in maintenance is also one of the many reasons polished concrete is a preferred flooring option.

Daily maintenance of polish concrete floors is a lot easier and less costly than maintaining traditional flooring systems. Daily maintenance includes:

  • Spot cleaning of spills for the prevention of etching and staining.
  • Dry mopping to get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Spot treatment of high foot traffic areas with non-reactive cleaning agents and plain water.

Polished concrete will be able to maintain its shine for long years. If you are in need of apolished concrete installation, GivePalm Beach Epoxy Prosa call today.


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