Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Would you want your home to have an innovative look? Then opt for a polished concrete floor. It is one of the best flooring solutions that can make your home look neat and clean all the time. In addition to giving your floor a new look, polished concrete also provides a plethora of benefits to homeowners.

The high gloss finish that this flooring system creates does not require waxing. Polished concrete is popular in retail establishments, offices, warehouses, and industrial institutions. Homeowners in Florida are leveraging the charming appeal of these high gloss floors that mimic the outlook of polished stone.

Depending on your maintenance and aesthetic requirements, you can choose your polished concrete?s level of sheen. This is because the process of application is in stages. There are some gears related to concrete grinding that help in the effective setting of the stage beforehand or after.

The process of installing polished concrete requires the utilization of specialized machines that have diamond disks. It also demands high-end expertise to attain the right shine and smoothness. For this reason, you should work with the best contracting installers of polished concrete.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • You can give your home floor a new look with minimal spending
  • You can have a unique, attractive, and sensational-looking flooring system according to your desire. This improves the aesthetic value of your home.
  • The hardening of the concrete surface makes your floor scratch resistant
  • Unlike tiles and carpets, polished concrete floors do not have grout joints and, therefore, do not attract dust and allergens
  • Your existing floor can get a new dimension when you tint and stamp it. There?s a wide variety of colors and designs, too.
  • Your new or existing floor becomes more durable and longer lasting
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Curing time is less

For the above reasons, polished concrete is quickly becoming the flooring option of choice for every Florida resident. In fact, it has already become the best substitute for granite, marble, linoleum, laminates, hardwood, and tile flooring systems.

Installation of Polished Concrete

It is possible to install polished concrete to any old or new floor in your home if it?s structurally sound. For the best results on a new concrete surface, it must have a flat installation and finish. You should also adequately cure your floor prior to the process of installing polished concrete.

When you?re working on an existing concrete floor, prepare the surface before installing the polished concrete. Remove any blemishes, grease, dirt, or old coatings. You should also patch uneven concrete surfaces to even ones.

The proper installation of polished concrete can result in a breathtaking flooring system. Contrastively, improper concrete floor installation can look messy and unfinished. This is why it?s important to look for professional and experienced experts to do the job.

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