In the greater West Palm Beach community, we here at Palm Beach Epoxy Flooring have remained busy with new requests. However, not everyone learns of the cost of epoxy flooring before requesting quotes, and they dont know what to expect.

That said, most of the potential clients with speak with have no idea what a new epoxy flooring system costs. And while some feel pleasantly surprised, others seem floored by the amount that they hear, not knowing the included value.

There are many different epoxy products for your floors, and some retain steep price tags, even at national retail brands. Purchasing the wrong applications will also tack on more expenses, leading many to hire us for their floor installation instead.

As a general rule, you can anticipate costs of anywhere from $3 per square foot, all the way to $15. Below are some of the items that can increase your installation fees or save you more on brand-new epoxy floors.


Where the Installation Occurs

One reason that the potential costs can fluctuate so wildly between the two price points is ambient moisture room levels. When a concrete surface has too much moisture seeping out through the top, it makes it nearly impossible for adhesion.

Installing a new epoxy flooring system will often go smoother in a kitchen area versus a basement, as an example. The closer to the ground that the existing worksite remains, the more moisture you will battle during the installation process.

In some instances, the only choice is for us to wait for the weather to cooperate and to return later. Other times, however, it might be that the room in question is just not a good candidate for epoxy floors.

Choosing the right place to apply a resin floor system is the key to setting the job up for success. Otherwise, you will likely trap the additional moisture and humidity underneath, where it wears the epoxy out faster than expected.

cost of epoxy flooring - initial concrete repairs

Initial Concrete Repairs

Some homeowners get complacent with knowing that cement surfaces remain durable against more types of daily threats than most materials. However, even concrete can get damaged, and unless it’s in fully operational condition, the product might not adhere very long.

The better condition that the concrete surface remains in, the smoother your job will go and the better your results. Otherwise, you could exasperate any significant structural concerns, and deep cracks and crumbling concrete could damage the new product applications.

Part of the labor included in your estimate is to patch these blemishes that cant remain ignored before adding epoxy. When the surface stays closer to perfect condition, the only thing it needs is a solid cleaning before we work.

If the concrete slab is in poor or unusable condition, then you likely need to call a cement company first. Attempting to add new products to unsatisfactory working conditions will only ruin your fancy new flooring system soon after completion.


Customizability Options & Cost of Epoxy Flooring

One reason why epoxy flooring has stayed such a popular system to get installed is how customizable it can remain. Homeowners can change virtually every aspect of their new floors, including colors, textures, and patterns for wholly unique purchase choices.

Epoxy flooring can get enjoyed in a variety of different color options, and your installation team can add color chips. These additives not only enhance their overall color, but they can also come in metallic finishes for gorgeous results.

Another thing to consider is what the final finished color will remain, as certain paints, dyes, and stains look different. Trying to turn your garage floors a bright highlighter pink is more difficult and expensive than going gray or blue.

The more items and upgrades that you choose, the more involved your installation will go, requiring more labor hour requirements. Make sure you balance how much time you have and your budget before calling for a contractor team to help.

installing epoxy floor in home

What Grade of Epoxy Gets Used

There are several different textures, thicknesses, and other attributes that epoxy products can enjoy based on the products chemical composition. Some products are essentially solid resin, while others rely on diluted levels of solvent or water for thinner finished layers.

The average person would struggle with trying to install a 100% solids epoxy coating without any professional training or education. As a denser building material, the viscosity can prove challenging to roll out evenly, making a mess for amateur installers.

Solvent-based epoxy typically installs easier for less-experienced people, but they also create strong chemical fumes that you must avoid breathing. Even this less-viscous product can still seem difficult to get into place, paving the way for plenty of repairs soon.

Water-based epoxy stays the thinnest product type, as well as the one that rolls on the easiest for faster installations. However, it also doesnt last nearly as long as solvent or solids products, meaning that it may need replacing sooner.


How Many Days are Required?

What many homeowners arent aware of is that installing a resin-based flooring system takes time and patience to fit correctly. Despite what any contractor may tell you, it isnt possible to build the same day as the first rolled coat.

After the initial layer, youll want an entire day for the first application of epoxy to cure before adding more. Otherwise, you will quickly damage the existing coating and cause it to dry unevenly, ruining the hard work from yesterday.

Each layer will likely need its own day to install and cure, causing your job to take longer to complete. The more time that your project requires, the more labor hours and product expenses that your new floors will incur.

There is no such thing as an epoxy floor that can completely install in one day. With that knowledge, you can avoid such scams. You just cant find a substitute for hard work and professional service contractors that know how to get better results.

When you need the best new epoxy floors, you need Palm Beach Epoxy Pros.