Some Palm Beach, FL, restaurant owners agonize over what flooring to have installed, while others settle for whatever materials remain in place. However, if you don’t utilize commercial kitchen epoxy flooring, you’re missing out on a safer, more productive place to produce meals.

Epoxy flooring has numerous benefits over traditional materials, and you’ll enjoy its characteristics for many years. If you’re still not yet convinced, here are just a few of the many reasons why you need epoxy floors in your kitchen.


No Surface Pores

Even the most hygienic of kitchens still struggle in keeping harmful germs and bacteria at bay. From staff members not washing their hands enough to porous countertops and floors, microbes have plenty of places to hide.

And while you make sure that the kitchen gets cleaned before and after every service, it might not be enough to prevent illnesses from spreading. The best way to head bacteria off at the pass stays eliminating porous areas.

Epoxy flooring cures as a resin, smoothing and hardening like glass. Unlike tiles, concrete, and hardwood floors, there are no gaps or pores to help germs thrive.

As long as you take care of any cracks that form, your potential for flooring-based bacteria camps stays minimal. For a healthier kitchen, consider epoxy floors for your safer material choice.


Slip Resistant

You can find plenty of examples of epoxy floors that have as little traction as an ice-skating rink. However, when you choose the right installation team, such as Palm Beach Epoxy Pros, it means having a safer, more slip resistant cooking space.

Many people fear epoxy floors as remaining a constant hazard. In a hectic, fast-paced commercial kitchen, that’s the last place you want people sliding around.

However, we offer advanced installation techniques that add grip and texture to your surfaces without sacrificing appearance or comfort. We can add texturizing flakes, use installation methods, or combine options for superior slip-resistant flooring.

From pots of water spilling on the floor to wait staff moving too quickly, you can avoid more daily incidents with epoxy floors. Keep your kitchen operating at its safest today.


Heat Resistant

While they say if you can’t stand the heat, you need to leave the kitchen, its hard when you have a dozen orders ready to prepare. The last thing that you need is hot pots and pans destroying your commercial kitchen epoxy flooring.

Even the most durable hardwood floors cant withstand intense heat and moisture, and all it takes is one pot of spaghetti to come crashing down to leave it damaged and scarred. Although tiles flooring can withstand heat better, you now have sanitary considerations to avoid.

Laminate flooring has long been the go-to choice for cheap and quick installations, but it often isn’t enough for your restaurant’s daily abuse. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, offers more damage, heat, and moisture defense than any other systems around.

When you need floors that work as hard as you and your staff, our epoxy installations cant get beat. We guarantee a denser, longer-lasting floor system at affordable rates every day.

Moisture Damage Prevention

Between the salt air and the nightly fervor in the kitchen, your restaurant gets subjected to moisture. Over time, building materials cant withstand the mugginess, wearing away before your eyes.

Some flooring options withstand water and moisture better than others, but few remain appropriate in a commercial kitchen environment. And while laminate or vinyl systems stay popular choices, they only wear out soon after installation.

Your new epoxy flooring system can withstand higher levels of moisture without the risk of mold and mildew growth. Spills, sweat, daily mopping and more all happen more safely after you hire us.

The hardened resin shell cant get penetrated from outside moisture, and hiring experienced contractors keeps it in better condition for longer. See why more area restaurant owners turn to us for all their kitchen flooring solutions.


Affordable Installations of Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring

It can feel as if the cost for replacement flooring panels and tiles outpaces what you paid for the installation. And while most floors require little maintenance and repairs, once issues start, they likely won’t end any time soon.

Damaged floors are a quick way of interrupting your staff’s workflow, causing them to step over or avoid vital areas. Unless you want to tack on another ten minutes to every order, you need to make the switch to epoxy floors.

Not only is the initial installation affordable, but so is future repair items. When you spend $3 – $15 per square foot with simplified maintenance items, it only saves you more in the long run.

Of course, the most significant expense comes down to your team’s level of expertise. Make sure you choose the best name in local epoxy flooring with Palm Beach Epoxy Pros today.