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Whether the concrete surface is being prepared for concrete polishing or for other flooring options, concrete grinding is the first most important step in the process. Concrete grinding is the preparation stage of almost all concrete surface flooring options.

Concrete grinding is done with the use of an abrasive tool together with a diamond attachment to transform a rough concrete surface into one with a shiny and smooth finish. Concrete grinding also gets rid of irregularities in the concrete surface caused by roughness, slap warping and more.

The concrete grinding process ends with concrete polishing. This process uses the super fine grit discs to achieve a finish with a high shine. A polishing compound is also often applied for an additional sheen.

Concrete grinding and concrete polishing are processes that go hand in hand but re entirely different resulting into a striking and smooth finish similar to polished stone.

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Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Prior to the application of any concrete flooring option, the concrete surface may be rough and uneven. It may also have existing sealers or paints which could make the application of a new flooring option difficult and challenging. Concrete grinding properly prepares the concrete surface for the easy installation of any flooring option.

Concrete surfaces are prone to unwanted substances which can be difficult to remove. Grinding equipment with diamond heads can thoroughly and effectively prepare the concrete surface for polishing and other concrete flooring options such as epoxy floor application.

Concrete grinding allows the concrete surface to be properly prepared for the easy and successful application of a new flooring system. Many flooring systems fail because of the concrete surface was poorly prepared or did not undergo concrete grinding.

When installing epoxy coatings, the epoxy material will not adhere well with the concrete surface if it has not been properly prepared through concrete grinding.

Even if you are not planning on applying a flooring system atop the concrete surface, concrete grinding will provide you with a lot of benefits:

  • Durable Floors

Grinding makes the concrete surface a more durable floor that will last for long time. It makes the floor resistant to fast wear and tear.

  • Highly Resistant Floors

After the grinding process, the concrete floor will be able to withstand high foot traffic while still maintaining its shiny finish. It will also be resistant to cracks and chips and will be less likely to discolor.
Grinding will also prevent the concrete surface from accumulating dust and dirt. The concrete surface will also be resistant to moisture and abrasion.

  • Aesthetically Appealing Floors

The grinding process can make your concrete floor look as if materials such stone tiles have been added. It is easier and less costly to grind concrete floors than installing stone tiles and similar flooring materials. Concrete grinding brings out the natural beauty of concrete surface.

  • Cost Effective Floors

After the grinding process the concrete floor will have a gloss and shiny finish that can reflect light. This means the area will be brighter even with lesser artificial lighting.

  • Hygienic Floors

After grinding the concrete floor, mildew, molds and bacteria growth in the floor is prevented. This makes ground concrete floors hygienic and sanitary.

  • Low Maintenance Floors

After grinding the concrete floor, all that is left to maintain its sheen is to use a dust mop to get rid of dust and dirt.
Grinding concrete floors present a lot of benefits to residential, commercial and industrial applications. These floors do not only look beautiful, they are also extremely durable and will last for a long time.


If you are thinking of applying a flooring system over your concrete surface, concrete grinding will be able to prepare the concrete surface for a successful flooring system application.

  • Restoring Concrete Surface

Concrete grinding is able to get rid of all the inconsistencies and imperfections of the concrete surface to restore it to its original state. After concrete grinding the concrete surface will be smooth and even and will be free of all dust, dirt, existing sealers or paints.

  • Easy to Install New Flooring Systems

Concrete grinding is one of the most important steps prior to the application of a new flooring system. After concrete grinding, any flooring system can be successfully installed to the concrete surface.

If you are planning on applying an epoxy floor, the concrete surface first needs to be properly prepared. Proper concrete grinding will enable the epoxy material to adhere well to the concrete surface/


Concrete grinding is the process of making concrete surfaces smooth and even. The concrete grinding process uses heavy-duty concrete grinding equipment together with diamond impregnated discs similar to heavy-duty sandpaper.
As concrete grinding progresses, finer grit discs are used to create a smooth and high-shine concrete surface. This stage is known as concrete polishing.

  1. The concrete surface is cleaned of any dust, dirt or existing sealers or topping. A new topping aggregate, usually 50mm thick is applied.
  2. The grinding process begins after the new topping has hardened. A grinding machine with a 16-grit diamond is initially used. As the concrete grinding process progresses, the grit is replaced with finer all the way to a metal segment of 120-grit.

The number codes in the diamond grit indicates how coarse or fine the concrete surface is being ground. The higher the number code in the diamond grid, the finer the concrete surface is being ground.
Concrete grinding can be done through the wet and dry methods. The wet method uses water which lessens flying dust during the grinding process.

Difference between Concrete Grinding and Concrete Polishing

Many people who are considering restoring their concrete floor have the option using two of the most popular processing methods: concrete grinding or concrete polishing. Both processes create a unique appearance and are carried out in somewhat similar manners

Differentiating concrete grinding from concrete polishing in simple terms is to refer to concrete grinding as the process of removing several layers of the concrete surface to create a smooth and even surface. On the other hand, concrete polishing is the process of also creating a smooth and even surface but without removing even the tiniest amount of the surface.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is done before concrete polishing. Concrete grinding results in a surface with a gritty abrasive that has a finish that is between matt and a low sheen level. Ground concrete requires lesser steps when sealed to achieve a polished concrete look.

The concrete grinding process uses a diamond grinder giving the concrete surface about 3 to 4 passes. The surface is then thoroughly cleaned to make it dust-free. After achieving a smooth, even and dust-free concrete surface sealers are applied.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a separate task from concrete grinding. Concrete grinding is part of the concrete polishing process. Polished concrete entails the application of numerous mechanical grinding as well as honing using chemical hardeners and sealers to create a durable beautiful and easy to maintain concrete surface.

If your concrete surface is looking worn out, dull or damaged you can choose between restoring the concrete surface or install an entirely new flooring system. Depending on your choice, the option between concrete grinding and concrete polishing will follow.

The concrete grinding process uses a diamond grinder giving the concrete surface about 3 to 4 passes. The surface is then thoroughly cleaned to make it dust-free. After achieving a smooth, even and dust-free concrete surface sealers are applied.


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